Hip Hop

Hip Hop is for anyone and everyone — no experience necessary. It’s about energy, expression and originality. Come and learn the basics and develop your personal style.

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Jazz is about unique moves, elaborate footwork, leaps and turns. We’ll teach you the correct technique and help you built a strong technical foundation. This will help you develop as a dancer and dance with power, confidence and a bit of fire!

Rhythm Nation Dance

Jazz Hop

A combination of our favourite styles, Jazz and Hip Hop. Our Jazz Hop class focuses on basics for each genre, with students performing a dance from each style at our end of year concert

Rhythm Nation Dance


Our Ballet classes teach posture, technique, balance and improves core strength and flexibility. Ballet sets a solid technical foundation for dancers, which flows onto other dance genres.

Rhythm Nation Dance


Contemporary is an expressive dance form with a free, artistic and creative feel. Students learn and enjoy refined techniques executed in a contemporary modern form.  In addition to our contemporary syllabus, we teach specific stretch and technique exercises to further develop our dancers.

Rhythm Nation Dance


Tap classes are quick, noisy and fun. Tap teaches you rhythm and timing. It improves your ability to find a beat and pattern in music. It also helps you develop improved balance, coordination and core control, and gives you a great workout!

Did we mention noisy? There’s something strangely satisfying about making noise with your feet — it feels good and is a great release.

For some fresh tap inspiration, google ‘Syncopated Ladies’ — you’ll love it!

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Latin Fusion

Our Latin Fusion class is  perfect for beginners and covers a wide range of social dance styles. No dance partner is required as the dances are choreographed (not your typical ballroom class!). Just bring yourself and be ready to have some fun.

Rhythm Nation Dance

Mini Movers (age 3-5)

Our Mini Movers class focuses on creative movement and the magic of pretend play, without the assistance of the child’s primary caregiver. Dancers learn one ballet and one jazz dance (and one tap if they chose the extension class) throughout the year with children performing two dances (three if they choose to participate in tap) at our annual showcase.

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Junior Jazz Ballet & Tap (age 6-8)

Following on from our Mini Movers class, Junior Jazz Ballet (and Tap) continues to progress children through the enchanting world of dance. Dancers learn two to three styles, both ballet, jazz & tap, and perform two to three dances at our annual showcase. This class sets solid technical foundations for a lifelong dance journey.

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