Can my child try a class before we enrol?

Absolutely! We’d love to see you. We welcome obligation free trials (with no obligation to sign up). To book your child’s place (or your place!) contact us today.

What should I wear to my first class?

Ideal attire for dance is form-fitting, lightweight, breathable and made from stretchy fabrics. Clothes that:

  • Leave you feeling comfortable
  • Give you freedom of movement
  • Allow your teacher to see your body shape, alignment and form.

Your teacher needs to be able to see all parts of you from your neck and shoulders down to your feet so they can give you the feedback and guidance you need to develop your dance skills.

We recommend:

  • Our junior dancers wear ballet or form-fitting dance attire (in pink or black).
  • All other dancers wear black activewear.

Another option for dancers is to wear the Rhythm Nation Academy of Dance shirt (available for purchase from our studios) with black activewear pants or bike pants.

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Are special shoes required?

Yes. You will need dance shoes. Jazz needs jazz shoes, tap shoes to Tap, ballet shoes for Ballet (you get the idea!)

For Latin dancing, you could wear a pair of low heels or sandals. Sandshoes work for this class too.

As for Hip Hop any sneaker or trainer works (whether it’s Nike, Converse or fake converse Big W style!)

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How should I wear my hair to class?

Dancing is physical, and dancers can get hot pretty quickly. To keep you cool and make sure your hair doesn’t annoy you while you’re dancing, keep it tied back and off your face. We are practical and easy going at Rhythm Nation Academy of Dance; we care about dancing, not perfect ballet buns (much to the relief of our dance parents!)

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The term has already started, is it too late?

It’s not too late!

Where we can we try to keep things flexible and easy; you can enrol during the term, and your fees will be prorated (so you only pay for classes from your starting day).

I’ve never danced before, is it too late to start as an adult?

Nope, not at all. Lots of people start dancing for the first time as an adult. The best time to start dancing is right now! It’s fun, social and great for your body. If you’re contemplating dancing for the first time, we encourage you to take the leap! You won’t regret it!

Am I too old?

Absolutely not. We firmly believe everyone should have the opportunity to dance no matter their age or skill level. You’re welcome at our studio (at any age).

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I don’t know anyone. I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Is it worth risking the embarrassment?

We get where you’re coming from. It’s natural to feel hesitant and self-conscious — it’s a physical activity, and people can see you giving it go.

Many of our current students felt the same when they started. But here’s what you need to know — once you get past those initial feelings you’ll love it (really love it!) The way dancing can make you feel, the physical benefits and the new social connections completely outweigh feelings of awkwardness and nervousness. The hard bit is starting. It’s time to be brave and jump in!