Rhythm Nation Academy of Dance is based in central Toowoomba, Queensland. Our vision is to provide a dance studio where you can have fun, feel welcome and become a better dancer. We teach a variety of class styles and cater to both beginners and experienced dancers (and everyone in-between!)

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Rhythm Nation Academy Of Dance - Class Room


Steph Koziel dance teacher Toowoomba

Miss Stephanie Koziel
Principal Dancer

Stephanie (Miss Steph) began dancing at the age of four, and her enthusiasm for teaching is infectious. She has extensive experience performing and teaching Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Cabaret and her personal favourite Hip Hop.

During her 26-year dance career, Steph has won multiple awards at eisteddfods and competitions and has danced internationally with her performance team.

For Steph, dance feels like a form of moving meditation as you have to be completely present in the moment and aware of your body and surroundings.

Beyond dance skills, Steph believes dancing gives people valuable and far-reaching benefits such as:

  • Fitness, balance, rhythm, strength, flexibility and coordination
  • Body confidence and self-esteem
  • Self-discipline and focus
  • Mindfulness
  • Fun and enjoyment
  • New and lasting friendships

Steph hopes to pass on her love of dance and movement to her students in a fun and welcoming dance environment.

Carissa Garner - Rhythm Nation Dance

Miss Carissa Garner
Senior Teacher & Lead For Junior School Programs

Miss Carissa discovered her love of dance as a teenager, dancing throughout her high school schooling in addition to external studio lessons. Carissa has over 10 years’ experience as an early childhood educator and holds a diploma of early childhood education and care.

Miss Carissa specialises in behaviour management and guidance, building positive and respectful relationships with children and designing and implementing a curriculum to foster children’s learning and development that promotes the physical well being of children through music, movement and dance.

Carissa is very excited to be leading our junior classes with Rhythm Nation and believes in providing a fun and stimulating dance environment where each child is recognised for their achievements and efforts while providing challenges, so they are able to progress and build their skills as dancers.

Claire Lusted Ballet Teacher - Rhythm Nation Dance

Miss Claire Lusted
Senior Ballet Teacher

Miss Claire has a background in classical ballet. Her love of dance begun at a young age, when she enrolled in ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. She has completed Cecchetti ballet exams, and competed at many eistedfodds individually and in groups. Miss Claire has 5 years experience dancing en pointe. She also has 3 years experience in Tap and has recently started dancing Jazz.

Miss Claire has previously taught junior ballet and foundation pointe work classes. She enjoys choreographing dances to modern music, whilst retaining the grace, fluidity and technique of classical ballet. As a Speech-Language Pathologist working in education, Miss Claire enjoys working with school-aged children. She believes in making dance a fun, positive and welcoming environment for all.

Miss Claire designs her classes to complement and provide a foundation for other styles of dance. She incorporates flexibility, technique, musicality and strength in order to help dancers develop their skills across different styles.


Assistant Teachers

Molly Henningsen

Student Teachers

Lily Mackay
Bianca Sellick